Rittle Furry Red Fox Animal Hat, Realistic Plush Costume Headwear - One Size

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What does the fox say?

Take a walk on the wild side

Whether you are dressing up for a costume party or emulating your favorite sports team's mascot, the Rittle Furry Red Fox Animal Hat will have neighbors and onlookers looking for a park ranger! This soft, realistic plush hat is handmade and sewn to capture all of the subtleties of one of Mother Nature's most majestic creatures.

Wiley realistic and comfortable

From the trademark point ears and nose to the sly beady eyes, the Rittle Furry Red Fox Animal Hat perfectly bares an authenticity far superior to other plush fox hats. An elastic band sewn inside of each fox hat provides a snug yet comfortable fit for adults, teens and older children. (This hat will be a little loose on small children.) The hat can be hand washed in cold water and mild detergent, and then allowed to air dry.

Unleash your inner beast

With the Rittle Furry Red Fox Animal Hat, you will get hours of enjoyment as you tailgate with your home team, trick-or-treat with your toddler or trying to ponder what the fox is saying. If foxes aren't your spirit animal, we have 18 other realistic plush hats that will convince you to explore your wild side.

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