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As a homeschooling parent and a totally crunchy momma I love for my kids to get out and play with much more then just the television and video games that sadly so many of our little ones spend so much time with these days. This is a brilliant idea for a child's mask it fits on like a hat so different ages and sizes can wear it comfortably. No worries of getting tangled up or the eye holes being covered and the little one falling over and getting hurt. It's made of a super soft furry material on the outside just like a plush animal. On the inside it is like a hat that has elastic to help fit snug on the child's head without being to tight or loose. It is a cutest realistic hat that looks just like the animal it is supposed to I purchased several of these so they could swap out which one wanted to be what when they did. This hat can be used year round which is perfect who wants to waste so much money just for one day when chikdren can enjoy role playing and having fun all the time. Cleaning is simple you can hand wash in cold water to spot clean whatever spots happen to get onto hat and hang dry.
The hat is handmade and sewn to make each hat look as realistic as possible each animal's most distinct and recognizable features.

One size fits most adults, teens & older kids (Loose on little ones)
Elastic band sewn in each animal hat for a comfortable fit
I am so happy with this product and the quality of it. Its a good product that I. So glad I was able to get.


This hat is so bear-y cute and comfortable! I wasn't sure what to expect but when it arrived my kids and I couldn't wait to take turns putting it on. The inside of the hat is a soft material which is very comfy on your head. It's not heavy so you won't feel like it's going to fall off your face. Being 30 myself and my kids ages 7 and 10, this fits our heads just fine. I love the looks of this bear hat. The teeth and the tongue in it's mouth is a wonderful tough. The fur is soft, and it doesn't shed all over the place. This feels like a barely stuffed animal you put on your head. My kids plan to wear it on crazy hat day. We have had a blast with this, and the kids love to role play with it and act like a bear!

> Cute details
> Fur does not shed, and is very soft
> Fits adults and older children
> Easy to wash, in cold water (do not dry in dryer just let it let air dry and fluff fur)
> Elastic band sewn in each animal hat for a comfortable fit
> Handmade and sewn not machine made

Overall, we are having a blast with this hat! We love how comfy it is, and how realistic it looks. There was a lot of thought put into the creation of this hat and it shows! Very happy with this!